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Robinetta Redbreast and the PEPPER Flake Escape was written to be Dyslexic and Irlen syndrome friendly.  Techniques used by Helen Irlen, founder of the Irlen Institute, were incorporated into the printing and format of the pages.


        1.  Satin finished paper

        2.  Softened colored background using ecru

        3.  Separated text from illustration

        4.  18 point Verdana font

        5.  Words on tinted pastel oval background

        6.  Four different pastel colored ovals:  green, blue, peach, and         purple


Helen Irlen has endorsed this book saying,


 "This book more than succeeds in achieving its goal.  The story is delightful; the illustrations are beautiful; and the copy is dyslexic friendly.  The use of large print, the font, and the color palette make the story easy to read for those with dyslexia and appealing for other readers as well.  My grandchildren will want me to read it to them again and again."


                               --Helen L. Irlen, MA, BCPC, PPS, BCPTSD, LMFT, Executive director, Irlen Institute International HQ and PPS - credentialed school psychologist


Robinetta Redbreast and the PEPPER Flake Escape



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Wing and a Prayer Publishing is founded by Barbara Matthews Benge and Jo Beth Vigil-Price. Together, beautiful children's books, coloring books, and bookmarks are created.


Robinetta Redbreast and the PEPPER Flake Escape

Spanning 30 years and several hundred miles, two good friends have worked together to create and publish a quality piece of childrens literature.  Babs Benge wrote "Robinetta Redbreast and the PEPPER Flake Escape," which is a tender story about a fashionable little bird with a flair for interior decorating and who takes on the task of getting her home ready for the arrival of her two babies.  Adventure and trouble start when Robinetta tries to put the final finishing touches on her new home. The story has been lovingly and beautifully illustrated by Jo Beth Vigil-Price, who painted each page in watercolors and accented with pen and ink. 

Published by their own company (Wing and a Prayer Publishing ), Robinetta Redbreast and the PEPPER Flake Escape is a 40-page softcover which will be readily available by Christmas.


Please reserve your autographed copies today by sending me your e-mail/contact information by PERSONAL MESSAGE.  Please, please, please help us spread the word by sharing this post with all your friends. This is a darling book that will make for beautiful interaction while you read it to your little ones!   It is sure to be a delight for children of all ages!

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